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A Case for Having a Computer Maintenance and Compliance Checklist?

Published on September 10, 2011 By gccrepair

Upgrading your existing PC overtime is often the more affordable and green solution. A new computer that is up to date and can handle upgrades like adding more memory for faster web surfing, multi-tasking, printing etc. Things to consider: how many memory slots are on the motherboard and what is the maximum RAM/cache your motherboard can support.

CUSTOMER FAQ’S, Services and Common Repairs (by Gold Canyon Computer Repair)

Published on August 1, 2011 By gccrepair

Maintaining your computer or laptop can save you money, extend the life of your equipment and ultimately result in fewer problems and less down-time.

Let’s Get Down and Green – Reduce, Recycle, Reuse (by Gold Canyon Computer Repair, LLC)

Published on July 20, 2011 By gccrepair

We are firm believers in being pro-active about computer maintenance and backups. Here are a few Q&A’s that we hope will make you re-consider the importance of reducing waste, recycle old part and reusing or upgrading components to extend the life of your equipment. Consumer’s question: Why should I bother with the hassle of maintaining […]