small business and community with BIG rewards (by Gold Canyon Computer Repair, LLC)

by Stephanie Calderone

Today I just wanted to share something about the benefits of being a part of a small community and service industry. I’m so grateful for all of the connections and rewards of living in a small community. Gold Canyon has the most wonderful people whether full-time or seasonal we enjoy meeting the local people and how every day brings an opportunity to learn something new.

I met a few of my husband’s customers at a community event I attended last week. One after another they expressed their shared experiences about the patience, kindness and great customer services they felt they received. Very humbling – I’m so glad my husband’s found his niche!

Often in business and marketing we need to answer the question ‘Why’. Why would a consumer want to select your business or services over competitors? For practical reasons, price and convenience are important, but it is certainly proven to me that it’s not the only reason to shop local. What I learned from my encounters of shopping locally and now from some of my husband’s customers was how happy customer’s are with the work and service they received thus far. It’s true I too enjoy shopping at local places that offer great customer service experiences.

Our biggest reward, in my humble opinion, enjoying repeat business and referrals while doing something my husband truly enjoys – fixing computers and helping people! Still there’s more to learn and do, but I’m hopeful we’re moving in the right direction.

Limited time offer (GCCR annual customer survey introduces low-cost prepay plan options)

In an attempt to expand our service and payment options, this year we’re exploring a new support plan option to help accommodate customer’s with different cash flow situations and preferences.

Approximately 90% of the participants in the 2011 Annual Gold Canyon Computer Repair (GCCR) Customer Survey answered “Yes” to the question “Would you be interested in a low-cost annual maintenance agreement that includes a free annual tune-up, free replacement of select parts and free installation of useful free software programs?”

Time is running out. If you’re interested in learning more and/or participating in this offer, give us a call 480-262-9598.

So thank you again and we look forward to serving you with computer maintenance, repair, sales and support needs.

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