We take the time to listen! When should I fix my PC/Laptop or buy new?

It’s certainly not something we like to plan on, but if your computer/laptop is blue screening or locking up and it’s 3-5 years or older it can sometimes be related to hardware failure. At that point you need a reliable trustworthy technician to diagnosis the problem and asses whether the repair costs are worth repairing or if its time to purchase a new PC/laptop.

We actually deal with this situation quite frequently.  My work is my livelihood so it is important to me that you are happy with the service and advice you receive. We offer hassle free ways to fix and keep your computers running at their top performance. We work full-time and are focused on providing computer repair services offering FREE pick-up and delivery to the Gold Canyon-AJ areas. 

– We come to your Residence or Business
– Flat-rates (Diagnostics are FREE with service, Tune-up $50, Repairs $75,
ck-up $25 add-on, OS Replace/Reinstall $25 add-on, On-site $75+ details)
– Free Pick-up and delivery (Gold Canyon – Apache Junction areas)
– Certified & Insured

We’ve learned it’s about educating the RIGHT customers about the benefits. Our core focus when building a new custom computer (whether home based, small business or single entrepreneur) is with our customer’s future computing needs in mind. We know computers are not and should not be easily discarded because it’s so cheap to buy a new PC. Our warranty is simple. Local, one point-of-contact, no hassle. It is truly our goal to make sure our customers are happy with the finished product and to be repeat/returning customers.  

GCCRepair.com Custom Built ComputersWe custom-built computers are built with your future computing needs in mind. We will customize giving you more control over the configuration to enable easy upgrading. For example, as you download software, videos, and pictures or add new programs to your computer overtime your computer will surpass its storage capacity. Some benefits include:  




Personal Service
• Includes full set-up. No trial software.

Superior Warranty & Ongoing Support
• receive better service after the sale
• no hassle warranty, one point-of-contact
• includes full set-up of your new computer
   – including your printer, scanner,  unpacking, wiring and set-up, etc.
   – reinstall all of your software  (Microsoft Office, Antivirus, etc)
   – updating missing critical security updates
   – moving all your old emails, favorites and contacts to the new computer
• green computing solution
   – extending the life of your computer as your computing needs change
   – take a responsible role and have a plan for disposal of old computer parts

 Quality Parts

We use ONLY top name brand parts, with your future computing in mind (easy to upgrade, extending the life of your computer).

If you’re having a problem with your computer, shopping for a new computer, want to find out if a custom built computer is the right choice for you or if you need a part and/or advice or if you  just  want to drop us an email (dennis@gccrepair.com)  to tell us what we’re doing right (or if we need to change something).

Call Us Today 480-262-9598.

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