It’s Dusting Time: Developing a Computer Cleaning and Maintenance Plan (by Gold Canyon Computer Repair)

Dusting and computer maintenance is often something that is neglected going un-noticed until the computer starts to run slow. I’ve heard it all from I do my own cleaning and maintenance or I’ll just buy a new PC if it gives me problems. Whether you’ve committed to doing it yourself or having a computer professional perform routine maintenance and cleaning on your computer or laptop the important point is to keep up with it.

Annual PC Tune Up: Recommended maintenance every 6 months

Has your computer become slow & sluggish? At Gold Canyon Computer Repair a PC and/or Laptop Tune-up includes:

  1. Running a series of utilities to clean your machine, delete unwanted files, perform disk clean-up, install Windows critical updates and if required,
  2. Defragging your hard drive.
  3. This also includes Physical Cleaning removing dust and pet hair which will optimize airflow and keep `computer to be properly cooled.  Build up of dust can impact the health of your family and pets so if you see dust building up on the outside it might be time for a cleaning inside as well.


When was the last time you cleaned your computer inside and out? Since a picture is worth a thousand words below is a BEFORE image of computer submitted by a customer desperately in need of a tune-up and clean-up.


GCCRepair Customer Computers Before PC-Tuneup 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words

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