A Case for Having a Computer Maintenance and Compliance Checklist?

Gold Canyon Computer Repair Apache Junction Chamber Ribbon Cutting 2/21/11

Gold Canyon Computer Repair Apache Junction Chamber Ribbon Cutting 2/21/11

When I think about compliance I think about how it relates to our health and wellbeing and what it means as it relates to ‘patient compliance’:

  • taking medications
  • following doctor orders
  • exercising
  • eating healthy and keeping our weight on target

What if we consider undertaking a compliance checklist as it relates to computer consumers.  A list relating to maintenance and upkeep, that is both novice and senior friendly, considering technology that has the capacity to be ‘upgraded’ overt time as we add programs and download more music, videos and pictures, etc.

Building a Simple computer maintenance and upkeep checklist:

• If you are in the market for purchasing new technology (PC and/or laptop), keep in mind your future computing needs. Upgrading your existing PC overtime is often the more affordable and green solution. A new computer that is up to date and can handle upgrades like adding more memory for faster web surfing, multi-tasking, printing etc.  Things to consider: how many memory slots are on the motherboard and what is the maximum RAM/cache your motherboard can support.

• Keep up with Annual Maintenance with a PC Tune-up (recommended maintenance every 6 months). PC Tune-up: Includes running a series of utilities to clean your machine, delete unwanted files, perform disk clean-up, install Windows critical updates and if required, defrag your hard drive. This also includes Physical Cleaning removing dust and pet hair which will optimize airflow and keep your computer properly cooled.

 • Running an Anti-Virus  program (free.avg.com/ is a trusted free antivirus and anti-spyware security software for Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP).

 • Most Common Performance Upgrades (Adding memory) or Replacing failed components such as a hard drive, power supply, network card & motherboard are some of the leading performance upgrades that will extend the life of your computer.

• Keeping our e-mail inbox at a manageable size. Creating GROUPS and SUB-FOLDERS within groups is a simple way to clean-up a bulky mail box (inbox, sent, draft folders).

• Routinely backing up data and other files

• After time your computer builds up a backlog of debris from software, ads and other unwanted programs, take an inventory of programs you no longer use and remove them to free up space.

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