Let’s Get Down and Green – Reduce, Recycle, Reuse (by Gold Canyon Computer Repair, LLC)

We are firm believers in being pro-active about computer maintenance and backups. Here are a few Q&A’s that we hope will make you re-consider the importance of reducing waste, recycle old part and reusing or upgrading components to extend the life of your equipment.

Gold Canyon Computer Repair, LLC (High Performance, Superior Service & Quality Parts)

Gold Canyon Computer Repair, LLC (High Performance, Superior Service & Quality Parts)

Consumer’s question: Why should I bother with the hassle of maintaining my computer when I can just by a new one?  

Our response: We specialize in maintaining and repairing desktop computers and laptops. Simply put, maintaining your computer or laptop can save you money, extend the life of your equipment and ultimately result in fewer problems and less down-time,

Consumer’s question: Why hassle with disassembling your computer from your home and bringing it to a repair shop for an annual tune-up (or other repairs e.g., virus/adware removal, part replacement, software issues, etc)?

Our response: We come to your Residence or Business (no more disassembling and dragging your computer/laptop to a repair shop). Whether you want to maintain or repair a problem encumbering your computer’s performance we can help. We also provide on-site repairs, service and sales (custom built computers and parts).

CUSTOMER FAQ’S About The Services We Offer and Common Computer Issues and Repairs:
Services and Equipment We Repair:
We service and repair personal computers and laptops.

Computer Services:  
Diagnostics, Installation, Upgrades, Repairs and Sales: ● Hardware ● Software ● Operating System.

Other Computer Repairs and Service Examples:
Adding memory, computer set-up, custom computers, data backup, firewalls, hardware installs, Internet browser conflicts, compatibility with web applications, pc purchasing, laptop setup, networking (new set-up, connecting a computer to an existing network), printers set-up,  virus/malware/adware removal, software installs and configuration (Windows OS, Microsoft Office), third party software set-up/installation (webcams, modems, external storage, PDAs, fax, digital media players) .

Most Common Performance Upgrades Replacing failed components such as a hard drive, power supply, network card & motherboard are some of the leading performance upgrades that will extend the life of your computer.

Green Computing by Gold Canyon Computer Repair:

Annual PC Tune Up (Now ONLY $50!) Recommend maintenance every 6 months.
Has your computer become slow & sluggish?
PC Tune-up: Includes running a series of utilities to clean your machine, delete unwanted files, perform disk clean-up, install Windows critical updates and if required, defrag

Gold Canyon Computer Repair - "E" Waste Recycling

your hard drive. This also includes Physical Cleaning removing dust and pet hair which will optimize airflow and keep `computer to be properly cooled. When was the last time you cleaned your computer inside and out?

“E” Waste Recycling:
Computer Equipment & Parts (FREE). We accept computers, hard drives, monitors, printers and other computer equipment from all customers for donating to education and community non-profit organization StRUT. StRUT will use aging or broken computers and other equipment to teach high school students valuable high-tech skills.

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