Three Easy Ways for YOU to save money and time with your computer (by Gold Canyon Computer Repair)

1. Backup your data (We offer data backup @  the low cost of $25, or DIY @ 5 GB Free online storage).

 Start saving, three easy waysDon’t wait to pay costly retrieval fees after your hard drive fails and all of your data is lost.

2. Free Web-based apps(Instead of Photoshop try Splashup and Instead of Quicken try, Instead of Excel try Zoho Sheet, Instead of Microsoft Word try Zoho Writer. Instead of FrontPage or Dreamweaver try WordPress for blog and website design.)

3. Instead of Buying New try a fresh Windows install and/or upgrade crucial computer components to give
your PC a boost (We offer this service @ $75 flat-rate on labor for fresh Windows install and/or hardware/software install. Parts sold separately).

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