Service After the Sale: A recent customer’s experience and another great reason to shop local (by Gold Canyon Computer Repair, LLC)

Another example of why shopping local makes sense.I had a customer recently that purchased a laptop the from local big-box retailer ‘the geek something or other’ because their old laptop was too costly to repair. They also purchased a wireless TV adapter that would enable them to wirelessly connect from their laptop to their TV. Seems like a pretty cool feature right? They had a problem with the laptop and since they just purchased the laptop naturally they brought it back to the retailer and they proceeded to inform them that in order to fix the problem it would cost an additional $200+. Remember the laptop is brand new she just purchased it at this big-box retailer. They offered a 2nd option which was a brand new laptop replacement. 

Needless to say they went with the NEW laptop and we were able to get them up and running and connecting wirelessly to their TV. 

THEM: Yet another local customer and business owner went to Staples to enquire about Virus Removal and their charge is $199 (per the customer’s quote 5/4/11).

OUR RATES: Virus Removal ($75):Includes removal of virus, spyware, pop-ups and adware  infecting your computer. Service includes updates to your existing anti-virus and anti-spyware software to keep your system secure. 

So how much is too much? We are confident in what we offer. In fact, we know we will beat the big-box retailers every time by providing the highest level of quality customer service. Our core focus when building a new custom computer (whether home based, small business or single entrepreneur) is with our customer’s future computing needs in mind. We ONLY use top of the line quality parts that we’ve personally tried and tested, from reliable part dealers/sources to build the fastest, most reliable and affordable custom PCs. We know computers are not and should not be easily discarded because it’s so cheap to buy a new PC. Our warranty is simple. Local, one point-of-contact, no hassle. It is truly our goal to make sure our customers are happy with the finished product and to be repeat/returning customers.

OUR MISSION: to create a high quality service experience that keeps them coming back. 

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